HowTo – Exchange 2010 – Create a Shared Mailbox with PowerShell

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in Exchange 2010 it is possible to create different Mailbox types like personal Mailboxes, Room Mailboxes, Resource Mailboxes and Shared Mailboxes. But the GUI Assistant only offering personal, Room, Resource and linked Types.

So where can I create a Shared Mailbox for my Users? After a research I found this small and informational hint (Source:

So now lets create a Shared Mailbox over PowerShell.

First of all a Template of the PowerShell cmdlet (Source:


<Mailbox Name>


<Display Name>

<OU path>

<Database Name>

So filled this template with my needed informations and creates a Shared Mailbox. If you don’t specified the OrganizationalUnit Attribute, the user will be created in the default OU for Users called “Users” 🙂 or in your changed default OU.

Changed Command



“Shared Mailbox Test”


Now what does Exchange create? Under the OU Users a disabled User with the name SharedMailbox-Test was created. After this, you can delegate the wanted rights to the users which need access to the Shared Mailbox.

You can also change an existing Mailbox to an Shared Mailbox, just use



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