Active Directory – Copy Roaming Profile to a new Destination

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today I had to move a Roaming Profile to a new Destination with keeping the existing rights. I know that Roaming Profiles are not the best dessication, but it was here before me 🙂 .

Rights on the source System

So I try to copy the Profile with good old robocopy Command, but the rights was lost with the Option /MIR .

These are the Rights after copy command was executed with the wrong Options

So I searched some more Options and found the common Options, which are much better ;-).
So execute this in an administrative Command Line

Option /E is to copy all Files and Folders even if they are empty.
Option /B is to copy Files in Backup Mode.
Option /COPYALL copies all File information as /copy:DATSOU

D Data
A Attributes
T Time stamps
S NTFS access controll list (ACL)
O Owner information
U Auditing information

*Taken from the Microsoft Website

So now everything was correctly copied to the new Destination


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