Issue – Active Directory – Update Group Policy Administrative Templates (ADMX) Files for Windows 10 1909 get an error (“string.Win7Only – line 12 column 69”)

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Error words:

Line 12 Column 69


we planed to create new Group Policy Objects (GPO) for Windows 10 1909. So we download the files from Microsoft -> .

After we download the files, we copied and replaced them on the Domain Central Store ( ).

To check if everything is fine, we opened the Group Policy Management, edit a existing GPO and have a look at the following:


Computer Configuration – Policies – Administrative Templates

So the result should like this:

And not what we have got:

Hmm, that’s not so cool, and now?

Let’s google a little bit and I found that ->

Ok for 1909 ADMX files, we need some missing files from 1803.

Perfect, that’s was the solution for us.



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