Manage Bitlocker not available

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a long time ago, but now something new for me and my notepad 😉 .

Some days ago I wanted to use Bitlocker on a Notebook on Windows 10 Enterprise, because I feel then a little bit more secure 🙂 . So TPM 2.0 was active and ready, but whats up with me? I cannot see “Bitlocker enable” on the context menu on drive C:\ and when I wanted to start Bitlocker after search, nothing happend. I am stupid? PLease don’t answer me 😉 .

Crazy, search a little bit, cleared the TPM Module, looked for some other things around the web, difficult because nothing found. Then it happend… I found it, missed the link at the moment.


The little Service was Disabled. What’s this? –>

I don’t linked it with BitLocker, but know YES.

Hope it helps. Stay safe and be carueful to your next.


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